Sara Manente

MOLDING is a performance based on the double meaning of its title. On the one hand, it refers to the use of a mold to change the shape of a malleable material. On the other hand, it refers to the growth of mold, where invisible spores and networks connect and infect very different contexts. Taking these two ways of treating bodies and their movement as their starting point – taking shape and giving shape – Sara Manente, Marcos Simoes, Gitte Hendrikx and Christophe Albertijn develop sequences of movement and gestures through the space.


Concept: Sara Manente – Performance: Marcos Simoes, Gitte Hendrikx, Sara Manente – Music: Christophe Albertijn – Support: Kunst/Werk, kcBuda, WpZimmer, XING, Hiros vzw –┬áPresentation: Kunst/Werk – Photo credits: Luca Ghedini, courtesy Xing