Gwendoline Robin

Due to circumstances, this performance is cancelled.

As a performance – and installation artist, Gwendoline Robin explores elementary materials such as fire, sand, water, earth, ice and glass. The transformation processes these elements are part of compose a source of poetry for her through which both immediate and distant environments can be placed in a different light, from the infinitely small to the unfathomably large. With the performance RIEN N’EST FIGÉ, the artist takes a line of 100 smoking glasses as a starting point to lead the audience live through her universe.


Concept & realisation: Gwendoline Robin – presentation: Platform 0090


Due to circumstances, this work will be installed at a later date, as part of the exhibition Fabrics of Nature at Kunsthal Extra City. 

Cloud Catcher is an installation and performance that takes the invisible connection between man and his environment as its starting point. Inspired by the cloud catcher nets used in the Chilean desert and mountain ranges to distil water from the morning mist, the artist, in collaboration with various scientists, develops a site-specific installation that makes the ongoing exchanges in our own ecosystem tangible in an almost ritualistic way.

Concept & realisation: Gwendoline Robin & Simon Siegmann – support: fablab ULB & Denis Terwagne – presentation: Platform 0090


Gwendoline Robin_Cloudcatcher_0090_0