Hans Beckers

In the work of Hans Beckers, everyday objects and natural materials are transformed into musical instruments. The sound installation SONITUM VODA investigates the sound of water. Can you create music with steam? Can water be played melodically and rhythmically? Bubbling rhythms, hissing water vapours, dripping notes, sloshing melodies … a whole arsenal of water sounds is transformed into music. With this continuous installation Hans Beckers also explores the boundaries between music, performance, sound and visual art.


Concept and installation: Hans Beckers – Performance: Hans Beckers, Teun Verbruggen (23/09), Stijn Cools (24/09) – Technology: Istvan Leel-Össy, Gregor Van Mulders – Production: ChampdAction – Co-production: KWP Pianofabriek and KAAP – Presentation: ChampdAction