YouYou Group

YOUYOUYOU is the name of a vocal performance by the YouYou Group. A dozen performers use an ululation or high vibration as the starting point for a collective soundscape that creates a penetrating, intimate space. Through an intricate system of overlaps and interactions, the performers join forces and keep the vibration in the air for 8 to 10 minutes. A marathon with a sonic whiplash! The YouYou Group was founded in Brussels in 2014 on the initiative of Myriam Van Imschoot to deepen a shared interest in this ritual vocal tradition practiced in both North Africa and the Middle East.


Performance with and by: Luiza Amghizar, Mimouna Amri, Najatt Bouali, Fatimazora Elgachcham, Fatiha El Mrabet, Malika Mderreg, Anissa Rouas, Myriam Van Imschoot, Sonia Williams. Production: Kunstenwerkplaats РOutside ears: Nadia Khammal & Souad Khelifa Рpresentation: Platform 0090